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Hi, I'm Catherine. I run an online program to teach women my formula for asking their employer for a pay rise and getting one. 

pay rise accelerator

I began my career as a lawyer and i've held very senior positions in the public and private sectors.
i managed teams of people and i noticed women in particular often held back from asking for pay rises because they didn't want to appear ungrateful or difficult.
By doing this they limited their earning potential and failed to keep up with confident male colleagues. 
I teach women strategies for asking to get paid more so they can take care of themselves and their families, buy a house, go on holiday, donate to charity or whatever they want. a high salary gives you more options.

You want a salary that reflects your worth, your contribution, the amount of energy you put into work. Unless you can get paid more you’re going to be feeling like you're just getting by...  How come other people seem to be getting paid more than you even though they do similar work in similar roles. 

You want to up your salary by 5k, 10k, maybe even 20k. This would mean tens or even hundreds of thousands more coming into your bank account over your career. You want to go into that salary conversation prepared, calm and well equipped. But no-one has ever told you how to do this. The thought of it makes you feel queasy. Every time you do you feel like you mess up and there’s a lot riding on this!

PAY RISE ACCELERATOR is a program designed to teach you how to negotiate a pay rise so you can confidently ask to get paid what you’re worth and get paid the salary you deserve. It will give you a deep, unshakeable confidence in your abilities that will never leave you. Whether you're in the public or private sector, want to stay where you are or move jobs, I'm here to help you with support, inspiration and practical advice.

Siobhan said yes to the Pay Rise Accelerator and almost doubled her salary!

"I can't thank you enough for letting me be part of this. The course came at exactly the right time for me, and it supported me through the whole process, feeling that our little group was rooting for me at the sidelines really helped. The tools that you offer throughout this course are invaluable, and tools that can be applied to other areas of ones life too!" 

Mel said yes to the Pay Rise Accelerator and got a 15% pay rise! 

"Just wanted to say again how brilliant the program has been and how much it has exceeded my expectations. You've been a fantastic teacher (and agony aunt!) - future attendees are so lucky to also get the opportunity to benefit from your advice and knowledge as you roll out the course. Wish I could do it all over again". 

June said yes to the Pay Rise Accelerator and got a 10% pay rise! 

"The materials are very good. Thought provoking, challenging and hitching uncomfortable areas that deliberately stay in the closet... Would definitely recommend this program 100%". 

Claire said yes to the Pay Rise Accelerator and just negotiated a fantastic pay rise, a new job title and resource to build a team! 

"I have found the program excellent and it has allowed me to explore my own perspectives and behaviours that I wasn't really conscious of. This has helped not only with pay rise conversation but more generally with confidence in myself and promoting the value that I add to the organisation."



Hi there, I've been working for almost 20 years - I began my career as a lawyer at a magic circle law firm in the City, then moved into the public sector to start a family. Now I'm back in the private sector as a partner in a consultancy. I am also on two Boards.  I love helping women get paid more. I'd love to help you earn more!  

I'm not very good at accepting things just are the way they are. I love a challenge. I love having fun. I love turning exciting ideas into reality. 


I'm married with twin boys. I'm a keen speaker, Huffington Post blogger, Instagrammer and I absolutely love riding my horse.  

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